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Full Version: solved - Default Sort and number of files listed
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Is there a way to change the default sort of returned files to be based on the description? Also, is there a way to change the total number of files displayed from the default of 10 to 100?

Many thanks!

Ok, after much time spent... I have the solution to everyone else that might want to know how to do this. The file you need to edit is \includes\DataTables\media\js\jquery.dataTables.min.js. This is one NASTY file because there isn't any formatting to it. Each line runs into the next (you'll understand when you open it in your favorite txt editor).

To change the sort:
Search for: this.aaSorting=[[0,"asc",0]]
Change the first 0 to another number. I changed my layout a bit, but this.aaSorting=[[2,"asc",0]] worked for me.

To change the default number listed:
Search for: this._iDisplayLength=10
I changed mine to this._iDisplayLength=100 because some of my screens are so small, we would have to scroll down to hit the 'next' button anyways, we might as well keep on scrolling to see the rest of the docs.

This may not be the 'best' way of doing it, but it works for me. Feel free to make better recommendations as needed.

Thanks for this. I'll probably also set it on 100, since 10 is way too low.
I'm fine with sorting the way it is for now.

Also, don't start new thread for every post. I'll delete new thread you started.


Thanks for this sir, but can we prevent the system to load up all the uploaded files completely during log in? i have more than 3000 documents already uploaded in my system and it really takes a lot of time before the menu shows up.