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Full Version: Obtaining admin rights to create/delete users or modify dept
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Hello all. I need some assistance as far as obtaining administrative rights are concerned with ODM services embedded into our company's website.

We had a newbie (foreigner) web designer integrate ODM services into our website. We had about a dozen unique log ins created and they were supposed to have been set to different departments (i.e. dept 1 can view files that dept 2 cannot), however it looks like they all defaulted to one department. This developer is not willing to give me or other directors of the company the proper log ins nor is willing to make any of my requested changes. I need access to be able to edit department settings/access, create users and delete users.

I have access to our domain/web server and the ODM files stored within, but am unsure as to how to access such admin rights (if it is even in there).

Does anyone have any suggestions? I was thinking that the easiest solution is just to start over with a new ODM account, but I am not a web developer/programmer and need a fool-proof way of doing that.

Thanks in advance~
et3rnalx, you can contact us if you would like some help with your site.

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