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Full Version: Password Requirements
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Hello, I'm new to OpenDocMan. I have v1.2.6.1 setup on an Ubuntu server with MySql.

1. Is there somewhere I can set the password requirements? Specifically, password length.

2. I'm going to run this on a secure Intranet. I'd like for all my users to have readonly access with out logging in. Is there a way to set it to allow you to see the managed files without a login?

Thank you,

I figured out #1. I went into MySql and set the password field in the Users table to allow Null entries. I then edited the user.php file, line 509. It a HTML tag for an <input> field named password. I removed the class=required and minlength=5. That allowed me to create a user with no password.

However I'd still like to know if anyone knows of a way that I can access the files in a read only mode with out logging in.


There is an anonymous feature that will be implemented at some point which will provide an anonymous page for any files marked as "anonymous"
Thanks for the update, but I couldn't wait. So I did another edit to emulate an anonymous user.

1. I created a user ID that is only allowed read only.
2. I copied index.php to index-r.php.
3. I edited index-r.php:
a. I remarked out line 63: if(isset($_Post['login']))
b. I remarked out the { on line 64
c. I changed line 71 to hard code an ID: $frmuser = "username";
d. I changed line 72 to hard code a Password: $frmpass= "password";
e. I remarked out lines 119-130.

Now when a user goes to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://intranet/opendoc/index-r.php">http://intranet/opendoc/index-r.php</a><!-- m --> it auto logs in with the ID that is restricted to read only.
If I send a user to <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://intranet/opendoc/index.php">http://intranet/opendoc/index.php</a><!-- m --> they get the normal log in.