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Full Version: Deliverable management with DocMan
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I am searching for a tool we can use for our project work.
We would need a platform where group members can upload documents and get information on the current status; more or less a deliverable management system.
For us the following features would be important:
- Status report for deliverables in conjunction with a schedule (deadline:,).
- The following status messages should be displayed: fill submitted, file past due, file accepted by the group, file forwarded to cours instructor, file accepted by course instructor.
- If the file is uploaded, the status messages should automatically jump to "submitted".
- It would be nice but not essential if the system automatically sends out reminders to group members, before reaching the deadline and if the deadline is exceeded.
- the software should be installed on a local server and allow for user management.

Could you let me know if DocMan is suitable for that kind of deliverable management?

Thank you very much in advance,
It looks like you have a few statuses that are not available in OpenDocMan.

The statuses in OpenDocMan are:


We could probably help you out with some customizations. Contact us through our web site if you want to get a quote.