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Full Version: Setting permissions for department to forbidden fails
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OpenDocMan Version
mysql 5.5
php 5

Steps to reproduce error

Add a document and give permissions for Dept1 as read.
edit the same document and set permissions for Dept2 to forbidden.
No user permissions were changed or added.

I get the error below.
Error in query: INSERT INTO odm_user_perms (fid, uid, rights) VALUES(15, '-','-1')Incorrect integer value: '-' for column 'uid' at row 1
I am unable to duplicate this issue on our demo server. Can you login to the demo server and document the steps you take to duplicate this issue there?

I logged in and created a user called test and a department called dept1.

Went through several iterations and could not duplicate it.

I will start over on my install. I was giving it a good test before I put too much in it anyway.

Thanks for looking!
Somaric, any updates on this?