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Full Version: cannot upgrade
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We have table without odm_ prefix, so I can't upgrade.
Tried to rename tables, but that doesn't work.
Any idea's?
What version are you upgrading from?
I m upgrading from
If you have then you should have odm_ as your table name prefix, unless you removed them intentionally. The update for is when we updated all of the tables to contain a prefix, and the upgrade used table prefixes. If you did a fresh install of then your tables should have been created with prefixes as well. I am just trying to figure out how your tables ended up without prefixes. Our installer requires a prefix value to be entered.

Can you tell me what is happening exactly? Do you receive any error messages?
During upgrading the software complains there is no table with odm_ prefix. Then it stops upgrading.
Even when I blank out this field. May be it was caused by an upgrade from earlier version.
Should I try to upgrade from to get the prefixes?
You can upgrade through the different versions 1 at a time and see if that works better. Backup your current files, code, and database first.

The latest upgrade essentially just goes through each of the updates automatically in sequence. At least if you do them manually you will know which one is failing.