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Full Version: Department Permissions not changing
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I can't seem to change permissions for files that have been loaded. After I make a change, it reverts back to the previous setting.

Any ideas? Could I be interpreting the functionality wrong?

I select each department, in turn, from the dropdown list and then set the radio button to a specific permission. I hit save at the bottom. When I edit them again, they have reverted to what was there before.

Here is how it should work:

1) Edit a file
2) Choose a Department (Information Systems for example) from the "Department" field.
3) Choose "Admin" below from the radio button field.
4) Click the "Save" button

Now, when you go back to edit that same file, and select the same department from #2 above, "Admin" should now be selected in the "Specific Department Permissions" section.

Hopefully that make some sense.


That makes sense. I spent a little time on it and here's what's happening:

I choose a Department and "forbidden" from the radio button field (because I want to eliminate access by a specific department) and click the "Save" button.

When I go back to edit the file and choose the same department, the radio button labelled "Admin" is pre-selected. I would have expected it to show the last setting.

However, when I log in as a user from that department, the file does not appear in the list which is what I want and would expect.

I am unable to duplicate this issue on our demo site at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m --> , can you?

Make sure you are not getting confused by the fact there are two areas where you can choose a department (If you are the root user). The first Department (Called "Assign To Department") has no affect on permissions of the file, just which department the file will belong to. The second Department (Called "Department") works in connection with "Specific Department Permissions" radio buttons to actually set the permission values of each department for the file.