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Full Version: Database name with dash, hyphen in OpenDocMan 1.2.6
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My web host forces me to create a database with a name in the format "webxxx-opendocman".
OpenDocMan does not like this and it generates an SQL error.

I had no way of creating a database without a dash or hyphen in the name but found a resolution by piecing together a couple of similar forum discussions on these boards. For anyone experiencing the same problem, I made the following changes...
Line 30 of config.php define('DB_NAME', '`webxxx-opendocman`');
Line 33 of odm-init.php $db = mysql_select_db('webxxx-opendocman' , $GLOBALS['connection']);

Note the backticks ` inside the single quotes on line 30 of config.php and the database name hardcoded into line 33 of odm-init.php with just single quotes.

Hope that helps someone.