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Full Version: application/msword MIME is not accepted
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DocMan v1.2.6 beta accepts only .docx (MS Word) file-format in upload new file panel. When I want to upload new MS Word 2003 file wit the extension .doc I get the error "MIME type is not supported" despite the following MIME type is in MySQL database, table odm_filetypes : application/msword.
The only way how I can publish the .doc file is :
1.Rename the extension .doc to .docx
2.Upload .docx without any problem
3.Open .docx in DocMan application - I can see the original, .doc content with no problem!!!

My question :
How can I setup the DocMan application to be able to upload MS Word 2003 .doc file? Why the .docx is accepted and published without any content fault despite the content is in fact MS Word 2003 format?

Thanks for helping.
Maybe Stephen removed Word 2003 Mime type by accident.
It's easy to allow it, go to ADMINISTRATOR / CHANGE FILE TYPES and then add new file type.
You need to be logged is as an root ADMIN.
I found the reason for not accepted MIME type application/msword (Word 2003) : problem comes from Firefox ver.3.6.8 which is changing the correct MIME to something else (I cant find to what...). It accepts MS Word 2007 MIME but lower versions have problem.
IExplorer 6+, higher versions of Firefox (tested on Firefox 9) transfers the MIME without update.