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Full Version: Document to be view online only
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I would like to ask opendocman whether can strenghen the security of document sharing by only allow the user to view the document through online doc browser, rather than allowing them download.

Can this feature be done? Disable user to download the file.

Thank you.
Currently no.
I think such feature would need integrated online document viewers which are probably a lot of work to integrate and maintain.
Maybe google docs have feature to open doc online and allow read-only without doc download or copy? Not sure.

If something like that exists, then it would be much easier to implement since you would only need to make passing of document to google docs.

Just my thought, not sure if any of this can be done. Smile
If I just need the user to able to view the pdf file through online without downloading it, would that possible?

Since pdf viewer like adobe or foxit is supported with browser plugin to be view directly, i think this should be achievable.

Is there anyway to finetune opendocman to force the user view only without allow them to download?