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Full Version: How do I install?
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Hi everyone,

I'm really not good in this.....

I have;

1. unzipped OpenDocMan
2. Created a database (db_name "docman" , Password "root")
3. What about next step? Change config.php? What do I need to change?
4. I'm really lost.....

Pls. be so kind and support me...

Many thanks in advance.

Best Regards
Did anyone ever come back to you is this help system live?
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What's not clear here?

You need to edit config.php with your database username/pass and start install script.
Also you need to define path to your dataDir and you can also change other options in config.php

I see the system is live, Well after reading you help wiki, Its not that simple when putting the system on an IIS Machine, Firstly the new install wipes all previous data from any mySQL database so you should warn people, I am lucky i DO back up my systems even the development ones, secondly getting the read write status correct is also not as easy, Smarty needs read write it took a while to sort that out as well.

Also, how good is you beta version, as i am finding missing functionality in the stable.

But thanks for the quick reply.

I am getting another error but i need to make it happpen again so i can get the code and come back to you.

Thanks again.

Beta is ok, but it has one problem and that is loading time of main page with a lot of files (1000+).
Since it's another sistem all files preload so it takes longer.

Btw, I'm not providing support here, just moderating forum and have little knowledge about workings of ODM.
Stephen is right person to ask about inner workings of ODM.

Thanks for all the support.

I have now changed the config.php, and I'm now able to enter the install section "http://www.mydomain/opendocman/install/
But, I receive the following info when clicking for new installation "Checking that templates_c folder is writeable... Not writeable - Fix and go Back"

Any ideas what that can be?

Thanks in advance.

As it says, it's not writable. Try changing permissions.
I would suggest trying the 1.2.6 beta first, it has an easier installation, and improved features. The current performance issue with the beta only affects users who have rights to view all files, and only if there are 1000+ files that user can view.

Thanks for answer.

"As it says, it's not writable. Try changing permissions".

Do you mean in config.php?
In ftp try changing permissions.
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