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Full Version: Multiple Departments and Users
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I have been experimenting with opendocman.
OpenDocMan is highly file based system. Obivoiusly since that is document management system.
However I think following features are important to have or please let me know how to acheive them.
1) Department hierachy. i.e. department within departments. Right now you have only one level of departments.
2) How come admin of one department see and update other departments? Is that right?
3) Admin of the department should have all rights to the file added by any user in that department. This should not be controlled at file level.
4) If new user added then it should have access control on department documents at add user screen. Right now if you add new user, you have to go to each file and then give permission to that user.

Shorly how can we achieve following

Dept 1-> Dept1A, Dept1B, Dept1C
Dept1 has users admin1, user1. Dept1A has users admin1A, user1A. Dept1B has users admin1B, user1B. Dept1C has users admin1C, user1C.

Dept 2 -> Dept2A, Dept2B
Dept2 has users admin2, user2. Dept2A has users admin2A, user2A. Dept2B has users admin2B, user2B.

All admins should see all the documents in their department by default, also admin1 or admin2 should see documents in any of their A,B,C departments.

Please let me know how to do this.

1) This has been added to our feature request site at <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

2) Admin is system wide

4) If you add a new user, any files with a specific permission for the same department should also include the new user.

1.2.6beta fixed and improved some of the admin and permissions issues.