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Full Version: Problem with special caracters (space, umlaut) when checkout
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Hi there

Thanks a lot for the good program.

I have installed version 1.2.6 as it would fit my needs in terms of the multilanguage feature.

Now, uploading any files and the like is no problem, but when I try to check out a file that contains special characters like spaces and Umlaute (ä, ö, ü) which in german are quite common, I get file names with strange characters in it.
In the database, they also are stored wihth those strange characters, bt in the browser interface everything looks fine. The thing is, that you cannot check out a file, because you cannot check it in again afterwards as it says that the files are not the same.

I thought that this has to do with the codepages so I tried several different combinations of them (utf-8, different latin-1 and so on) but with no luck so far.

Am I missing something? Has that to do with the codepage on the database? Or elsewhere?

Any help would be much appreciated.