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Full Version: User confirmation and Password
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I have tried to search in the forum, none with the specific of the topic has been returned on the search.

This product does the job as light Document Management and very good but it lack of the following IMHO.

My questions are:

User Confirmation The user once creates the account himself/herself IT MUST be activated and verified by the Admin aka authorising it. Because anyone can assign any department In particular if the facility faces WEB.

Password The password must also be changed by the admin i.e. a user that left therefore un check-out/check-in files. I know the work around is to change email and let the system email the password to the new email . . . still

Field I do not need the phone number field but a free text multiline where the user has to write the reason to join. I can figure it out myself, nice to be addressed without banging my head though Smile

I do not know whether this has been requested and/or rejected and/or future release. I would be nice to implement those features.