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Full Version: File with pictures seems empty on upload
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After installation we kept getting errors when uploading. We fixed the file size, we fixed the file type, but there are still problems with some files and after troubleshooting many times, I came up with this:

I have a .pptx file that without pictures uploads fine, the same file however, with pictures will not upload - and it is not a file size issue. Changing the file to a PDF or a ZIP gives the same problem. The error message is "please upload a valid document" - when monitoring the upload it looks as if the file is empty - but it is not.

Tried the same thing with a .docx - with pictures in it - it does not upload - without the pictures - it does. I tried converting the file with pictures to .doc, .pdf and .zip - but with the same result - as long as there are pictures in it, it looks as if the document is empty and cannot upload.
OpenDocMan does not analyze the file contents when they are uploaded. It simply takes the file and copies it into a folder on the server. More than likely you need to add some more allowedFileTypes to your configuration to cover the newer MS Office files.