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Full Version: Admin Settings not available after installation
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We have just installed the OpenDocMan beta version - with absolutely no problems and we have created an admin user - that have access to everything, but... there are no Settings box available under Admin.

When I tried the OpenDocMan online demo, the admin user has, under the Admin page, access to add/delete/update/display Users, Departments, Categories and files as well as adding and deleting user defined fields - all of which is also accessible to our admin user, but the online demo admin user also has access to Settings under which there is the option to edit settings and edit file types - it is this access that our admin user does not have.

We have been through the documentation and through the installation files to see, if there was an attribute we needed to change, but so far without luck

Can anyone help ???
Only root user can do that.
You need to define root user. In you did that in config.php, not sure for new beta, maybe during installation.
It's usualy "admin".