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Full Version: How to Download, Backup upload file?
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Hi all,

Is there anyway to download all the upload files into original format using admin account?

Because it store as .dat extension in document_repository folder.

Or how can I change those .dat file to original format?

Please help.

I am also wondring the same problem.......
The files are physically stored in their native formats, but with .dat extension. If it is a PDF, for example, ODM will rename it to .dat, but you could open it with a PDF reader.

So if you need to backup your files, you could just FTP and download them from the data directory.

I had hoped these files would be stored as native files as I have a search utility that was depending on that. Uh oh...

Also, although ODM sees the files fine, I cant see them in the odm_Data or dataDir folders. they are just blank?
The files are stored as native, but their names are altered to represent their file ID (ex. 1.dat = test_file.txt)
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