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Full Version: Plug-in: Individual file expiration date
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really can't get this to work since i'm a totally noob at this... here's a screeny when i try to manually run InExp check..

[Image: screeny5.png]

any advise?
any help anyone? T_T
Can't help you on that. If you installed ODM 1.2.6beta correctly and then installed InEX plugin correctly (runned install script), all should work.
It's seams to me that you didn't install one of those correctly.
This seams to be problem in new 1.2.6beta.
Stephen changed some code that's needed for inExp to work.
Fixed in new 1.2.6beta trunk on sourceforge, it's working now.
I installed the Plugin succesfully and everything is working fine. But, the expiration days and notification days is not displayed in the webpage, while add or edit of the file. Looking at the database odm_data_addon, there isn't any entries of expiredate and notify.
Can anybody explain what may be the problem ?
Thank you!
It's not a problem, it's a feature! Smile
Kidding asside, expiration date and notification date isn't shows since those files don't have it. When you added them you probably didn't have inExp installed and didn't enter expiration date.
InExp is using his database entry to file expiration, not default ODM entry.

If you add new file and don't enter expiration date, even with inExp installed, you'll get same result.

Solution is to enter expiration date for new files, if they have it. If files don't expire, then just don't enter it.
For old files you need to go file by file and enter expiration date manually. Or you could edit it directly in database, but don't forget notification date if you want to get notification before expiration.
thanks for the reply. i did all the editing the old files and giving the expiration date in new file before asking for help here. The database wasn't hit in any of these action.Anyway , the problem has been solved
Previously, i had hosted odm in Linux CentOS, now i hosted it in Windows and everything is just fine. The expiry date and notification is displayed and db is being hit. fluke huh! Smile
Anyway, thanks for the reply! (Y)
finally got it running but another issue has come up...
i created a scheduled task in windows to run the file check but the php script does nothing.
i started the task manually and everything seems ok but no alerts are sent, yet when i manually run file check via admin it's all good.
any tips? i know my script for scheduled task is correct.
Updated plugin in first post. Bug was reported for MySQL strict mode.
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