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Full Version: Translation errors and few others
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Version 1.2.6 beta
Not translated:

1. History page - everything

2. out.php and search.php and every other page with file list view
- Show "X" entries (below Filter by:"
- "Search" text next to search field
- Showing 1 to 4 of 4 entries (below file list)
- buttons "First" "Previous" "Next" "Last"

3. user.php
- on add user - "Add user" and "Cancel" buttons
- on delete, edit and view user - everything, not even status bar is translated
- buttons are old, no new buttons like other pages
- when EDITING user, nothing is translated
- "View" text in second column, for all files
- old buttons in add and edit user

4. toBePublished.php
- status bar message

5. settings.php
- all descriptions of setting fields

6. filetypes.php
- inside dropdown filed "26 selected"
- inside dropdown filed "Select All"

7. Help
- not translated

8. details.php
- when deleting file, in popup window, "Are you sure?"

- date format, months are in english, "May", not sure if you are using days of week as text somewhere

10. search.php
- in dropdown field, first entry, Author is transled but text inside ( ) is not "(Last_name First_name)"

11. add.php
- file authority not translated "forbidden" "none" "view" "read" "write" "admin"

12. out.php
- Sort by - dropdown fileds not translated "Choose author" "Choose department" "Choose category" "Choose an Order" "Ascending" "Descending"

Other bug:
- minor - Description field limited to 34 characters on out.php?
- major - Download button on View file not working when it's translated!!! It produces error "Nothing to dosubmit is Skini"
- medium - Croatian characters showing good on all pages except index.php page, pictures in attachment
Submitted the issue to our bug tracker:

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It would be good if you separted translation tweeks from bugs. Download button for example, not working at all with translated text.
I posted 3 separate bugs for those issues you noted at the bottom.