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Full Version: Php ERRORs at different links
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I'm using wamp 2.1 version with mysql verson 5.5.8 and php version 5.3.5 i have trouble getting through the following error messages when i navigate the links below:-

Search > File Details > Edit Document Properties

[Image: 2frr25j8]

Document Listing for Review

[Image: 2h3pn7us]

I have attached a screen cap of each of the listed error. Kindly inform me how to resolve this issue i need to deploy this for my company.

NOTE: SORRy for including bit map format for the pics i need to do so for better visibility and viewing.

Those are just warning messages that can be set to not-display in your php.ini configuration file. Also, the deprecation warning is for, but in 1.2.6 those warnings are resolved.