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Full Version: File Upload does not actually upload
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If this has been answered elsewhere, a link would be appreciated - I was unable to find the exact problem on the forums.

I've got ODM installed and running just fine. Database is active and registers user and log items. DataDir is in the /var/www/subdomain/dataDir. Config file locates the dataDir file successfully and does not give any permission notices.

When I go through the process of "adding" a file, I select the file from my hard drive, fill out the necessary fields and upload the document. I'm testing with .png, .gif, and .jpg documents, all of which are supported by ODM.
The issue occurs when I'm taken back to the main ODM page and the "Last Message: Document successfully added" message is displayed.
However, there are no documents listed inside of ODM. I can try and browse by Author (I only have one user, an admin), but still no documents are displayed.

My admin user is also labeled as a "Reviewer". The dataDir *does* show a new .dat file every time I test this, but the document never seems to reach my server. I have tested this with both Google Chrome and IE, with equal results of failure.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm out of ideas.
My first thought is that your user needs to be a reviewer for the department that the file is assigned to. You must select "Reviewer" AND select the departments they can review. Check that.
I'll give it a shot.

The uploading user is currently both an Admin and Reviewer. I'm using the "default department" settings for uploading, but perhaps I need to add the admin to the necessary departments first?

I'd hate to think I'm stuck using multiple user accounts for personal use...