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Full Version: Opendocman as a File Server
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I already have a local intranet fileserver on which users access, edit and upload files most of which are MS-Word, Excel, PDFs and some heavy files of Adobe Suites. Sometimes, this server is accessed via FTP from users at another location.
I wish to build another server which will host the files from the existing fileserver.
I would like to know if Opendocman can serve this purpose? Also, as it is mentioned on the Opendocman site that NO FTP is needed, I wish to know how can a user from a different location use/add/modify documents?
I basically wish to run this new server exclusively for the above mentioned files which are more than 500GB in total size. I am looking more for scalability.
If yes, what should the ideal server configuration be like?
All suggestions welcome. Thank you in advance.