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Full Version: How to delete the department....
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Hi all,

In the DMS there is no option to delete the department, only to add and display and update the department is available...
How to delete the department....
Hello, you can rename them currently. I will be adding that feature soon.
Thanks stephen,

I want to know that if I delete the department then it is deleting the department, but what I want is when admin delete the department then all the user in that department should also be deleted.
please suggest me how can I do that?

Well, the delete department feature will allow a choice between: Delete Department, Delete Department and Files. I guess we could add another option to also remove Users in that department as well? So maybe two checkmarks:

Delete Department:
1) And Users
2) And Files

Then you could select either of those options.
Currently can we do that if admin delete department then all the users in that department and files in that department should be deleted...
and one more question, is it possible to upload more than one file..

Is it possible to do this..

Thanks again
Hi Stephen,

Can you please help me, how can I set the expiry dates of the documents....

new delete department feature in the latest 1.2.6 beta version.