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Full Version: 1.2.6 Beta - Commit Log 01/14/2011
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New commit to the 1.2.6 beta trunk. More info here:
#0000323 – UDF values are limited to 16 chars

Why is this only 16 chars?
What will happen if I change it to 32 char? 16 chars is not always enough for my users.
Will changing UDF values to 16 cause an error or is it a space issue?

Donald Kean
I believe this was added because the initial table creation for a new UDF field was using varchar(16) and so I added some input validation to keep errors from happening when names were too long. also, the "name" of a UDF is turned into a new mysql table and has a prefix added to it (udftbl_) to ensure that other existing tables don't get overwritten. So this limits the name size.

I just checked the limits on table names and it looks like they can be up to 64 characters in length (minus the udf prefix of "udftbl_"). I will put this in as a feature request in our bug tracker.

I just checked and it looks like I have a feature request from November to increase the UDF name to 64 characters.