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Full Version: Can't view office file
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Hai all,

I'm new using opendocman for document management, i currently testing this. when i upload file ms office like msword, i try to view the doc it's opened but not converted to msdoc file. it's give me this output :

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is there any configuration that i missed?

Sorry for my poor english

Could you try our demo server and se if the issue exists there? <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
Hi Stephen,
Thanks, for the reply. I tried in the demo server and there is no issue like mine.
Just wondering is there any configuration that i miss while doing installation. I just change the configuration in config.php

Can u help me to find out the problem?

Oh ya, Happy New Year.

It seems like it might be a server configuration issue, especially if it works on our demo server but not on your server. Have you checked the web server error logs?
Hi Stephen,

I do fresh installation and now i can view file office, but i can't view file office 2007 with extension *.docx.
I try to add mimetype manualy in config.php but after i add the command, the web can't be display just give me a blank page.
How to add mimetype in the config? i also try the command in mimetype.php and not work either.

When you try to add a file that is not allowed it will usually show the mimetype information in the blue status bar on the right side. You would then add that mimetype into the allowedFiletypes setting in the config.
Hi Stephen,

I have enabled the docx and xlsx mimetype in the config.php file, but whenever I attempt to view, or download, the file, from my repository, It downloads as .zip.
any ideas?

Here is view link when i hover it :

seems there's no mimetypes set for that.


I already find out how to add new mimetypes like docx, xlsx, pptx,
Add mime types at config.php then after that u must add the following line at /etc/mime.types :
application/vnd.openxmlformats docx pptx xlsx

then restart your apache service.

if u're not add them, when u view or download the file the extension will change to .zip