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Full Version: By the power of Admin
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How much power should admin users have?
  • Edit Users?
    Edit Departments?
    Edit Categories?
    View ALL files?

    As it stands now, they can do the first three, but cannot view all files. This seems like a bit of a conflict since most people consider administrators as people who have access to all things. On the topic of permissions, what about "Reviewers". If I can review the Accounting departments' files, why shouldn't I also be able to see all of their files in the files list? Currently reviewers cannot. What if you are reviewing a document and you think there might already be the same document in that department? No luck.

    So I am proposing a couple of changes to the permissions of admin and reviewer:

    1) Let admin users see all files
    2) Let reviewers see all files for the departments they are reviewers for

    Any feedback on this?
I agree with both statements.
Reviewers should definitly see all files in category they are reviews files for.
1.2.6 beta contains the new admin and reviewer logic.
Thx. Good job with ODM.
I'm still testing it, want to try it in retail enviroment, for archiving documentation for retail stores (inspection papers, contracts with workers etc...). 116 stores, but will test it only on 8 to see if all goes well and if it's usable.

I'll see if I can translate it in Croatian.
Help me! When I Add Department: "Phòng Tổ chức" in

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