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Full Version: No "Dummies" installation guide yet?
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Would it possible to create one for us non tech-savvy people who wish to use Opendocman?

The following steps seem very confusing for non-technical people and so a very simple real-world guide would be very much appreciated.

1)"hostname" for database... how does one find the hostname for their database? I have set up a Mysql database on our company server as directed but I have no idea what to put instead of "localhost" in the config.php file.

2)makedir - Is it possible to give a simple guide on how to do this for people who are accessing their servers through a ftp. I can create a directory, but have no clue where it should go to make the installation work.

If one simple step-by-step guide for absolute beginners can be created that would help tremendously, as google seems to be no help with some of these problems and I keep being pointed towards "paid" installations which seems unreasonable as a simple guide could save everyone a lot of headache.

Best Regards