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Full Version: No entry to file history after delete action
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I've just downloaded and installed OpenDocMan v1.2.5.7 and been exploring it further.

Not sure if this is a bug -
I created a test user other than admin, and used it to delete a file - which was successful.
Then as admin, I went to the Del/Undel option under "Admin".
I can see the file and have the option to restore it. But when I go into the file history,
to see who deleted the file, theres no record of how the file landed in recycle bin.
Many a time, we have newcomers who delete files unintentionally and theres often no log
to followup with them so they pay better attention.

If this isn't a bug - can you confirm if this could be looked at in a future release?


We will be adding more activity logging features in 1.2.6x.