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Full Version: Upload Problem
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I use OpenDocMan V1.2.5.7. I tried to upload a pdf file at >6,000 KB but failed. It shows "Please upload a valid file". However I can upload a pdf file at < 1,000 KB. I check error.php that "Please upload a valid file" is code 11 while add.php shows code 11 is the file size < 0. I have amended the maximum file size at add.php and config.php to '100,000,000' but it still fails. Is there limitation of file size for upload?

Thanks in advance.
You can check your php.ini settings to see if there are any max upload size or max post size settings that you can change. There is also a config.php setting for max file size

Yes, I have amended /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini - max_file_uploads = 20 (ie 20M) in ubuntu 10.4. After restart apache, it works. I also amend config.php, 'max_filesize' => '20480000'. Want to confirm whether 20480000 = 20M?