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Full Version: MIMETYPE to config.php
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Im trying to add router config files as documents to the system. Files are encrypted router specific files. I only want to store them and keep a history of files.

System took them fine, then I added them originally. Now I have checked out one to be replaced by new upgraded config file. System keeps telling me

Please upload a document conforming to any of the following file types or add the missing MIMETYPE to config.php->allowedFileTypes:

I tried adding cfg to mimetypes.php as text nothing seems to work. Tried the same as the docx files, cant seem to get it to work.
Check the right-hand side of the blue status bar when you try to check in the document. Does it display any message about what filetype it is?
Last Message: MIMETYPE: application/ Failed
Have you tried searching google to see what mimetype values are used for your specific router config file?

Because I want to store multiple router configs. Cisco Draytek Billion netgear and what ever else i want to use on 2 years time

I want this only be a place to keep config files can keep version of files.

I don't want opendocman to keep track of changes. I will add changes in the description field.
Just upgraded to the new OpenDocMan v1.2.6.1 Big Grin

Im still having the same problem with these router config files. Is there anyway to handle these files / scenario yet ?
Can you attach a sample file?
File attached