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Full Version: Datadir problems
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I'm new to OpenDocMan and I have a few problems trying to install it on my Windows server.

I've created a database on mysql
I've created a folder and has given almost everyone full access.

After install is says:
Quote:Checking that templates_c folder is writeable... OK
Database Created
Database Selected

Could insert new version into db user

Trying to run the site is says:
Quote:There is a problem with your dataDir. Check to make sure it exists and is writeable

I have tried to add a new user to the new database, and give all rights to the database.
I have tried to use root user.

I really could use a step by step list on how to install it on my Windows 2003 server with IIS.

I think that OpenDocMan is the system I have been looking for, for a long time. BUT I cannot get it to work!!

Please someone help!
Any help would be nice!
I would check the database to see if the installer was able to set up the odm_user table first.

As for the dataDir, make sure you have the config value set properly, and that the folder is accessible to the web server, though it should not be in your web path.
The odm_user table is created and the admin user inside it.

I have set the user "Everyone" to have full control of the folder, but no luck.

My datadir look s like this 'c:/docmandirs/'

Somehow I got past that Datadir problem...

I will test further now, and return here if I encounters more problems.