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Full Version: No recover document
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I did a new install of OpenDocMan in my Dreamhost Virtual Hosting account. Now, I can use my admin user and add documents. But, after aprove its, I can't recover for view or edit them.

I did chmod 777 for dataDir directory that I created.

Dreamhost use Debian servers.
Do you see them in the file list at out.php?
Yes, Steve.

I can see them in out.php, but I can't recover for read.
Did you "authorize" the files?
Yes, I authorized them.
Look what I see...
Ok, the "X" for file size usually means the file is either missing, or unreadable. Check in your dataDir folder and see if you have .dat files in there that correspond to the ID of the two files with "X" for file size.

so, try this:

1) Verify that you can add a document and view it
2) If Not, then there is a problem with permissions on your server
3) If you can, then please verify that the files in the screenshot are in the dataDir folder and their perms are correct
4) If they are not there, try to delete them and re-add them
5) If you cannot delete them, you may need to manually clear the DB entries for those files and re-add them again

Let me know what you find.

1. The files with "X" don't open. The first file, that show 33,5Kb, this open and download correctly.

2. My dataDir I called "datadir". Three files .dat are there. 1.dat, 2.dat and 3.dat

3. There is other dir called "datadirrevisedDir" with one sub-dir "1" where have one file 1_0.dat

4. "datadir" has permission 777

5. The files in datadir have 644

6. "datadirrevisedDir" and subdir "1" have 755

7. The file 1_0.dat have 644

What are the correct permissions for the dir? and the files?

The system is funcional, but with one problem.

When I add one document, it's necessary do a check-in. Then, after to do it, a file is uploaded again and is possible recover it.

But, I'm happy. It's what I need.

Thank you.
Do you mean you have to check-out, then check-in the file and then it allows you to read it?
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