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Full Version: OpenDocMan Released
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This release fixes some bugs. No database updates.

The new version can be downloaded here:

Changelog (04/28/2010)
#15 Deprecated: Function session_is_registered() error.php
#8 If not viewable, don't show view icon in out.php
#10 add user issue with autoincrement id
#16 Edit File needs to display help message re: shift-click user perms
#9 comment in config re: dataDir for windows needs to not say add trailing slash
#14 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function sanitizeme() view_file.php
#13 Undefined offset: 1 details.php
#7 install_msg notice in admin
#12 Undefined variable: install_msg index.php
#11 check-in.php - revision query failing due to non-INT type used
#5 Call to undefined function sanitize_system_string() in /var/
#18 application/ mime type needs to be added to config