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Full Version: Department: re-assign and delete
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I can change the owner of a document, but how about a feature to change the department? I was actually able to do this by editing the table by hand, but inside the code would be nice.
Also need to be able to delete a department and have the current files re-assigned to another department upon delete.
This feature is now in 1.2.6beta.
Hi, well as a novice user this causes me a problem. I just installed OpenDocMan v1.2.5.7 and found the default owner has be come Information Systems not only that but I can't alter it.

I delete the item and reload naming a differnent department and find it ignores me and puts it once again under Information Systems. As the admin I'm somewhat confused as to why my department is by default Information Systems even though I did not make this choice and all docs I upload will appear to this department and even worse as admin I cannot alter or reassign the department.

I guess my search is still on for a tool to manage my documents as this appears not to be usable as yet.

If you install the 1.2.6beta you will get department features:

* Assign Department when adding/editing file
* Delete departments