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Full Version: Request: Forced Checkin
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A really nice feature would be "force checkin" so when you check out a file, you don't have to re-upload it to check it in. Yeah, you could download the old version, and then upload it, but that's kind of a pain.

However, I'd like to say this is great so far. Other than a few nit picks, and some problems I've had when using chrome, it's been great. I've got a non-profit that's really needed something like this.
In the admin menu, as root user you can do that already. Well, you can at least remove the checked-out status.
My admin menu only has "users" "departments" and "Categories"
You need to make sure the root_user setting in config.php (or config_local.php) is configured to use your username as the root user. Only the root user can access some of the advanced admin features.
Doesn't seem to work for me. I have the version installed.
All Admin users have the same priviledges.
Ahh, the root_user is case sensitive.

got it.
It would be handy for each user to be able to discard a Check-out they own - abandoned changes, corrupted file, or another user wants to check out the file instead. The function could be available on in.php, next to the Check-in link.
I would like to request check in of file with different name. Having to check in same file name sounded great in theory, but in real world I found on alot of documents are time limited and when new version comes it cannot have same name on my computer, but on ODM it should replace old document.

I know it was asked before, but I'm asking again, allow us to check in file with different file name then checked out file.