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Full Version: Document Department Assignment not working
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When I 'add' a document I choose a department for it. However, when the document is displayed, it is not assigned to the department I have specified. It assigns them to the default 'Information Systems' department.

Am I missing something ??

The way it works is:

Each document that is in the system is configured with every department. If you use the department selector, the permissions for each department will be shown below it. You also have a setting for any "Unset" departments.

Does that help?
It took me a while to figure that out, that you don't actually have the option to set what department the document is under (feature request?). It seems to be whatever the department of the user who uploaded the file is.

However, you can set the permissions on each department with respect to the document.
I second the "feature request" option. This solution would be perfect for us if we could upload to different departments with one user. It seems that the setting is already there, but it only applies the users department instead of what you select will uploading. If this was fixed/added this would be amazing.
I have added this to our feature request queue
I agree with you!