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Full Version: OpenDocMan SVN Updates
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I have some fixes put into SVN and would like some feedback on whether this fixes some of the issues people have been having recently. Please note that there is a small database fix in this update, so be sure to load the /install folder and run the update. If you have any issues with this version please let us know in the forum.

The latest SVN update can be checked out by using:

svn co ./opendocman-

Here are some of the changes:

#15 Deprecated: Function session_is_registered() error.php
#8 If not viewable, don't show view icon in out.php
#10 add user issue with autoincrement id
#16 Edit File needs to display help message re: shift-click user perms
#9 comment in config re: dataDir for windows needs to not say add trailing slash
#14 PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function sanitizeme() view_file.php
#13 Undefined offset: 1 details.php
#7 install_msg notice in admin
#12 Undefined variable: install_msg index.php
#11 check-in.php - revision query failing due to non-INT type used
#5 Call to undefined function sanitize_system_string() in /var/