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Full Version: TreeView Sorted
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I am editing the source code of opendocman to permit the posibility of saw the TreeView Sorted by category and file name, so I added some code that maybe was usefull for new versions:

On funtions.php line 141 y add:

elseif($sort_by == 'category')
$lquery = "SELECT FROM {$GLOBALS['CONFIG']['db_prefix']}data as d INNER JOIN {$GLOBALS['CONFIG']['db_prefix']}category as c ON d.category = ORDER BY, d.realname, $sort_order ";

now my TreeView is not sorted by file_id, it's sorted by category name and file name:

Spanish Example:

- Analisis
- Alta de X.
- Documento de Analisis
- Diseño
- Alta de X
- Documento de Diseño

Have a nice day.
Tryed this and it's not working.
In treeview I have files inside categories sorted by file name, but categories are not sorted by name. Not really sure how are they sorted, maybe category ID or something.

Is there quick fix for sorting categories in tree view by name and then files inside of them sorted by filename?
Treeview has been removed from 1.2.6 until a better solution is created.
Ah well, tree view in looks good to me. Changed some icons and it's flashy now. Smile
A lot easier for non techi people to find documents they need.
The plan is to replace the old treeview with a jQuery treeview with more features and an easier API for future improvements.
When will treeView or its newer alternative be added back in to the newer OpenDocMan? I prefer the treeview to the regular view. I think it very much simplifies finding documents.

Mick C
Now that it is easier to create new OpenDocMan themes, I am hoping someone will come out with a solution. I will also be working on adding a theme that uses Tree view.