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Full Version: add new user not working
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trying to add a new user and I got this error:
Error in query: INSERT INTO odm_user (id, username, password, department, phone, Email,last_name, first_name) VALUES('', 'gmoran', password('qhga'), '2' ,'916 5991920','[email protected]', 'moran', 'gina' ). Incorrect integer value: '' for column 'id' at row 1

At row 1 there is already a record, myself as an admin.

Which version are you running?
SOLVED. Mysql will add new record. No need for the id field.
I think that is a mysql issue. It used to accept a ('') as the auto-increment value, but It seems a newer version now barks at that? did you manually adjust the file to get it to work?