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Full Version: New user can’t see older content although part of all Depart
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Hi again I seemed to have hit a stumbling block and would really like to resolve this issue maybe someone can give me a hand.

The issue goes as follows. There is a document that got uploaded now this document is for all departments and users. Now right after it got uploaded a new department and User was added.

The issue is that this use can’t see any of the documents for all Departments although that user should what I also noticed is that any documents added after are fine so it’s just a case of documents beforehand that can’t be viewed!

Does anyone have any idea how I can fix this ? or at least get it so that new departments and users can see these documents once they are added.


I believe the way to solve that is to also set the "Unset Department" permissions as well. That is sort of the "default" permission for the file, although typically set to a lower permissions level than department specific, you could set All, and All-unset permissions to the same level.

Does that help?
that's GREAT it worked perfectly thanks a million !!! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin