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Full Version: New Install
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My head is exploding with the learning curve I had to go through before I installed OpenDocMan - I'm sure the OpenDocMan part is simple, but I had to install Apache, PHP and MySql - none of which were on my computer. I made a lot of mistakes but I finally got everything installed and working. Now, I'm trying to install the OpenDocMan. I've copied the files to the htdocs directory. I figured out that I needed to run the install/index.php first. I figured out that it didn't work at first because I had not setup the config.php file. However, that's as far as I can get. When I try to search on the error here in the forum - I'm told my error message is too common to I'll apologize in advance for any stupidity I'm about to display...
Essentially I see a blank page when I try to open either index.php or admin.php or any of the starting pages in the htdocs directory of my apache server. I suspect I still do not have my config.php file right...any help here?
Check your web server error_log to see what is happening.