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Full Version: Where are files stored?
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2007-06-08 16:20:11 PDT
When a file is uploaded and stored in ODM, where is the file stored at in the file system. I looked through the database and am not seeing it in a BLOB data type. In case of failure I would like to get at the original files.


Joe Hildreth

2007-06-08 16:57:18 PDT
Hint: check your dataDir that you have configured. Wink

2007-06-08 17:11:22 PDT
Sometimes, I just wonder why I try. <SIGH> I should have known better. <blush>


Is there a reason to store the files as a .dat file? What if the DB were to crash and you needed a document in an emergency? You would not know what was what.


2007-06-09 07:24:46 PDT
If I remember correctly back when I wrote that part it was because I didn't want to worry about weird filenames and duplicate file names, so I just made each one a unique number instead.


2007-06-09 09:48:12 PDT
Is the plan to keep it that way? What about disaster recovery in a critical implementation?

Now I know that seems like a dumb question, because we assume people will back up the data file, database, and ODM software, but I am thinking it takes time to set up a system from scratch and if you needed a document pronto, then you could always ad hock a copy from the file system.


2007-06-09 09:58:46 PDT
I have actually though about that in the past. I will look into it.

2007-06-09 10:19:00 PDT
Thanks Stephen. I think it would be an improvement, but you are ultimately the developer.

One last and I will leave you alone for a bit. If I find bugs, do I post them here or in the bugs area?



2007-06-09 15:22:37 PDT
Put them in the bug tracker if they are bugs.


2007-06-09 17:07:52 PDT
The quick solution might be to output a text file (index.csv) with a comma separated list of fields. Either user the 'fieldlist' variable... or create a separate list specific for this?

Purhaps MySQL has a function to dump a table to a file?

2007-06-09 20:57:15 PDT
Once we get to input or general text UDF field and can start using it at the hospital, I will write a php script to run in the cron and do some sort of data dump that will give the filename and dat file number list. I will just have it drop it in the data directory and it can be backed up with the data files. Thanks for the idea.


2009-07-24 04:12:29 PDT
Hi, I'm looking into doc repository solutions and have a couple of questions, if you don't mind.

Is there a directory structure created under the dataDir directory, and if so (I'm assuming so) how is it organised?
Is this configurable by the user, or handled purely internally, and if the former, what organisation options are available?

Sorry if this is covered in any documentation - I've had a look around here and can't find any docs that might detail this, if they exist please could someone point me towards them.



2009-07-26 07:25:08 PDT
I recall using a configuration paramater in config.php. I am a new user and have not finished testing my install.