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Full Version: SVN Layout Updated
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2009-05-27 16:45:52 PDT
I updated the SVN repositories.

The latest STABLE version is always TRUNK.
The BRANCHES repository will contain the current DEVELOPMENT versions of each branch.
The TAGS/RC repository will be copies of BRANCH prior to release.

The release process goes as follows:

1) A copy of the BRANCH (ex. 1.2) is checked out for development
2) Development is made this working copy of BRANCH
3) When all commits are completed, the BRANCH (ex. branches/1.2) is copied to TAGS/RC/REVNAME (ex. tags/rc/1.2.7)
4) The TRUNK is checked out
5) the DIFF between the last two TAGS/RC versions are merged into the TRUNK (ex. "merge tags/rc/1.2.6 tags/rc/1.2.7 ./" )
6) TRUNK is committed
7) Release files are created from TRUNK (ex. opendocman-1.2.7.tar.gz)

This will mean that if you want to use SVN for your installation, TRUNK is the only reliable repository. If you need to install a previous release, use the TAGS/RC versions, as they are basically "snapshots".