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Full Version: Captcha Login
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2007-08-28 06:33:48 PDT

I've tried to post it as a new request but can't.

It will be a nice feature to use a captcha login.

I love this project but some main properties are missing
1.Bulk Upload and Download Feature
2.Logging of the user activity
3.Screen for re-sending the password
4.Captcha Login for internet usage
5.Admins for departments (like manager)

It will be a nice if this project includes some project management features too...

I know it's easy to say Smile

Thanks for that great project..Looking for further releases Smile

2007-08-28 08:13:39 PDT
My comments:

1) Agreed. If you're clever with scripting and MySQL, this could be implemented at least to import documents to populate an initial deployment. But, it would also be handy to be able to "staple" or "paperclip" several documents together... for example an HTML document and several JPEG files.

2) Unless you have enabled "secure URLs", you should be able to use your weblog to some extent.

3) Please explain what "resending" the password means to you.

4) Sounds like this could be implemented as an authentication module. The framework is there now, if you've installed the applicable patches, now someone just needs to write the Captcha module.

5) Agreed.

What "Project Management" features are you suggesting? Speaking for myself, I would be disappointed if ODM strayed from its core strengths as a document management tool. Perhaps we could consider coming up with an interface to integrate with some Project Management tool? I'm not familiar with what tools are available.

2007-08-28 08:23:09 PDT
1) See Feature Request #1237633

2) The only thing that users really do is add/edit files. That is already being logged under the version control system. Is there something else you had in mind for logging?

3) There is already a password feature. See config: allow_password_reset

4) I am currently re-writing most of the user input forms to include better input validation. If you add this as an Feature Request I can add this to the login form as an option.

5) I am not planning on making any changes in the near future to the way the authorization/permissions system is done (for simplicity sake).