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Full Version: no files found in opendocman
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2006-10-17 05:32:44 PDT

I have just installed opendocman-1.2p3.

My system runs


I managed to log in as admin. I also managed to create Users, Departments and Categories but I could not operate with files !!!! I cannot add a file. The page shows "no files found". How can I solve this problem? Can you give me detailed method??

2006-10-17 06:48:27 PDT
pelease help me! it's ergent!!

2006-10-17 08:21:37 PDT
You will need to check your web server error logs first to see if there is a problem there. Also, when you add files they need to then be "authorized" by a user that is a reviewer for the department the file is added to before it will show up in the main list of files.


2006-10-17 08:49:13 PDT
no, it has no buttons of "add files" or "browse", something like that ~~~~ Thank you for answering quickly~~~ but the problem sitll has bot been solved~~~ any other good ideas??