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Full Version: Remove columns from out.php
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Hi, I want to remove some of the columns like "Date Created" from the file listings on out.php

I already played around with the various files including "functions.php", but for no luck.

After trying endlessly, now I want to ask the opendocman community if there is a way to remove some of the columns from the file listing page (out.php).

If you have the right patches for User Defined Fields (UDFs), this is trivial. Go into functions.php, find the list_files() functions and look for the $fields\_to\_display variable, and remove the "created\_date":

> if ( $fields_to_display == "" )
$fields_to_display = 'id:view:file_name:description/35:rights:created_date:modified_date:author:departmentConfusedize:avail';

I have not been actively developing ODM recently, but if you can't figure out which patches apply, let me know and I'll see if I can help you out. The better way is change to your config\_local.php file so it will not be overwritten by future ODM updates.
Hi, thanks for your reply.

No, I dont think that I am using that pacth that u mentioned. In my functions.php there is no feild as "$fields_to_display".

Based on version

edit functions.php and comment out line 381, it should then say:
> \# echo($str);

then comment out the HTML on line 569, it should then say:

> <\!-- {exisiting line} -->

Hopefully this makes sense to you. Save the old file.... I have not tested these changes, but they're pretty straight forward.
I also would like to remove a column like the "ID" and the "date created" column.
Using ODM

Too be clear: I have looked at the out.php and the functions.php but I am not a programmer.
If someone could help me out with tips how to delete the columns I would be very happy and grateful.

If someone is interested: I found out how to disable anyone but the admin from uploading files.