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Have memorized config.php
2005-03-13 06:58:47 PST
I have read over every file in Opendocman and I am still unable to login, other people have had this problem in this forum and I stilll am not clear how to fix, the problem is when I log in after the install I get this message,

Error in query: SELECT id, username, password FROM user WHERE username = 'admin' AND password = password(''). No Database Selected

I know the answer is very plain to someone here, thanks

2005-03-13 07:21:23 PST
Was it a manual install or automatic? The message "No Database Selected" means you are not connecting to your database.

2005-03-13 10:49:43 PST
I had to manually install, where do I configure the path to the database?

2005-03-14 08:41:09 PST
Did you read through the Installation section of the documentation? I am not quite sure where you are at right now in the installation process.
Have you created the database?
Have your granted access to it?
Have you edited your config.php DB settings?


2005-03-14 16:07:41 PST
I have deleted everything, uploaded a fresh copy of the script and I am trying the automated install script, setup.php. The error I now get is this..

Database Created
Database Selected
Grant is set

Unable to Create Database - Error in query:Access denied. You need the RELOAD privilege for this operation

this is on a hosted site, the provider does not know what the reload privilege is, I will keep thumping on this til it works ................Tim

2005-03-14 16:11:38 PST
If you do not have "root" access to MySQL, you need to do a manual install.

2005-03-15 10:42:32 PST
Did you ever get it working? The manual installation instructions are on the documentation...


2005-03-16 12:43:09 PST
I have given up trying to install on my hosted service, and am preparing a machine to install where I have all the permissions and grant rights, thanks for helping me, will see what happens after I get my own machine setup.

I plan on trying to use this at a small K-12 school district on an intranet

2005-03-16 13:00:50 PST
Ok. Thanks for the donation by the way!


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