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There seems to be a glitch when "viewing" Microsoft documents such as PowerPoint, Word etc.

See attached sceen dump for Word example.

The document is displayed correctly after clicking the appropriate buttons.


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Can you try to upload a similar document to our demo site? I am curious to see if it is your environment, or the code:

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
The odd part is that if you "view" the document and click the [Download] button all the Microsoft docs work fine.

I suspect whatever code is behind the [Download] button should be copied to the "view" code.

This is probably due to your browser file type settings. The View button is supposed to pass control over to your browser to determine the program to use for the specified file.
Again - If you select view and click the [Download] button (in the same browser) the file can be viewed with no errors displayed.

Again - I suggest the PHP code for the [Download] button should be copied to the "view" link that gives errors.


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