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PHP Parse error
When I try to look at files I've rejected, I keep getting the following error:

PHP Parse error: parse error in PHP Parse error: parse error in D:\my_web_folder\opendocman\rejects.php on line 104

How do I fix this problem?


Which version of opendocman are you using?

also, can you tell me what it says at line 104 of rejects.php?
I am using ODM 1.2.6.

On line 104 of rejects.php is says:

elseif($_POST['action'] == 'resubmit')

I am getting this same error. Same version
ok, let me try to re-produce this error.
Anyone make any progress on this? I have had to refocus on some other priorities as of late and am just getting back to this.

Can update your code? There have been a number of changes in the past few days.

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