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Document versions
2005-11-17 01:01:30 PST
Great project! I think we vill use it in our company.

I can't figure out how does the Multiple Document Versions is working. Where can I add a new version or modify the exisiting file?

pls help!!!

2005-11-17 07:13:44 PST
The program sets the versions each time a file is updated. When you view the History of a file, you should see links to older versions....


2005-11-18 00:42:58 PST
thx for the quick answer,

Maybee it's obious but I don't know how to update a file. What are the steps?

On the Edit link I can add only comments or change document atributes, I can't change the file even with Admin user.

2005-11-18 03:47:57 PST
OK I found it! Check Out- Check in.
When I go to history, it's actually not giving me any links at all.. hmmm.. It's showing the different revisions, dates and times, but no links.
#3 is broken. in the SVN repository (1.2 Branch) has a fix for the history)
Thanks, getting the from subversion solved the problem Smile

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